Tips for the best first Korean Birthday Party (Dol)

A dol
party is the highlight of a Korean baby’s first birthday and is commonly known
as Doljanchi, Dol Party, or a Korean first birthday party.

parents traditionally throw a Dol party for their baby and invest time and
finances to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible for their baby, themselves,
and their guests.

are a few pointers for a dol party
for parents who’ll experience this for their first time.

Select a theme for your Dol Party

a central theme for your Dol party is extremely beneficial because it provides
structure to planning. When a party is focused on a central theme, preparing
for decorations, party supplies, and the overall layout of the place is much
easier to imagine and therefore, implement.

Dol parties go with a traditional theme and prepare traditional foods,
traditional decor, traditional Dol hanboks, and traditional Doljabi items. By
choosing a traditional theme, half the planning is already finished because the
possibility of ideas trim to a narrow field. Also, the types of traditional
food and doljabi items are limited in the realm of traditional Korea.

themes have a vast array of options and require more effort in planning. With a
modern theme, one can choose to go with any type of Korean food, or even any
type of non-Korean cuisine of their choice. The same concept applies to decor
and doljabi items.

Prepare for Doljabi

for Doljabi is one of the most important for a Dol party because Doljabi is the
highlight of a Dol party. Doljabi is
a tradition where a baby is presented with 6-8 items and is asked to pick one
for the parents to predict the future of the baby.

This is
also the most entertaining part of the celebration for guests because they not
only get to witness the prediction of the baby’s future, but they can also take
part in Doljabi through a raffle where they can win a prize.

Doljabi, two types of Doljabi items are used – traditional doljabi items and
modern doljabi items. The type of items picked is dependent on the theme of the
Dol party and either one is fine.

doljabi sets have items that represent present career options whereas
traditional doljabi sets have items that represent important traditional

Throw a fun Doljabi Raffle

a fun Doljabi raffle is crucial because the raffle is the most fun aspect of
the Dol party for your guests asides, maybe the feast. The raffle is designed
to ask the guests to guess which item they believe the host’s baby will choose
first and provides the winner(s) of the raffle with a prize.

One can
either choose to provide an easy raffle with a ton of winners, or a difficult
raffle with a few or just one winner. The way to this is largely dependent on
Doljabi. If the Doljabi requires the baby to pick up to 3 items, then the
raffle can be structured to guess 3 items in the correct order and provide the
winner who guesses the 3 items in the accurate order with an extravagant prize
like a $300 gift card for Walmart.

As the
host, the option of a simple Doljabi where the baby is asked to pick up only 1
item can be held which drastically simplifies the raffle and provides an
opportunity for a handful of winners. With a handful of winners, hosts usually
opt to party favor bags as prizes, and party favors too can be meaningful if
not more than a desirable prize.

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