Lines grow at food banks in the US as soldiers hand out turkeys prior to Thanksgiving

Lines continue to grow at food banks across the country as the financial devastation caused by the coronavirus pandemic is exposed.

Millions of Americans are currently starving and rely on volunteers and nonprofits to stay fed when Thanksgiving approaches.

In Arlington, Texas, US Army soldiers took part in a massive food campaign, helping to distribute supplies to 6,000 families in need.

The military members were seen handing out frozen turkeys during the massive distribution event set up outside AT&T Stadium on Friday.

The scene was repeated across the country, with more than 10 million Americans still out of work.

ARLINGTON, TEXAS: On Friday, US Army soldiers took part in a massive food campaign and helped distribute supplies to 6,000 families in need

ARLINGTON, TEXAS: On Friday, US Army soldiers took part in a massive food campaign and helped distribute supplies to 6,000 families in need.

ARLINGTON, TEXAS: Hundreds of cars were lined up at the event organized by Tarrant Area Food Bank. It facilitates the greatest food drive in their history

WILKES-BARRE, PENNSYLVANIA: A woman looks through pantries at a food bank set up in a St. Vincent de Paul kitchen on Friday

FORT WASHINGTON, MARYLAND: Volunteers help hand out bags of food to community members, sponsored by Linda Flowers, at a pre-Thanksgiving food distribution

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: John Wordin, founder and president of Life Aid Research Institute, third from right, helped distribute some 1,500 Thanksgiving meals Friday

MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA: People drive to pick up food from Faith Crusades Montgomery’s mobile food supply

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Nonprofit Volunteers Deliver Food to People Queuing for Thanksgiving in Harlem

The huge mobile pantry event in Arlington, Texas was hosted by Tarrant Area Food Bank.

CEO Julie Butner told CBS it was the greatest food ride in their history.

On the one hand, it is heartbreaking to see so many families in need of our help who have never needed our help before. On the other side of the coin is how the community has come together to do whatever it takes for those who need us to help them, ”Butner said.

In neighboring Dallas, another food drive took place at the University of North Texas, which allowed more than 1,000 people to be fed.

Some of those in need spoke to CBS and told the news network that they were grateful for the selfless efforts of volunteers.

‘It has been very hard for me. I haven’t had a job for about eight months now, ”said local resident John Betsay.

Another man, Agnus Pinero, said, “Thank you. This is a blessing, this is from God, and if we had a lot more of this it would be a lot easier. ‘

ARLINGTON, TEXAS: Soldier of the U.S. Army’s 36th Infantry Division helps hand out turkeys and other holiday food items during a mobile pantry event at the Tarrant Area Food Bank

ARLINGTON, TEXAS: Food Bank in the Tarrant Area. CEO Julie Butner told CBS it was the greatest food ride in their history

ARLINGTON, TEXAS: A volunteer loads a turkey in the trunk of someone’s car on Friday

ARLINGTON, TEXAS: Cars stretched as far as the eye could see as millions remain unemployed in Texas

At the start of the coronavirus pandemic in March and April, US employers cut as many as 22 million jobs.

Slightly more than half of those jobs have been restored, but more than 10 million people remain unemployed.

A report from the Bureau of Labor statistics shows that the unemployment rate is now 6.9 percent.

However, JPMorgan has forecast that growth in the first quarter of the US will be negative due to the recent rise in COVID-19, warning that “this winter will be grim.”

In a client note on Friday, the bank became the first Wall Street company to break the consensus that GDP growth would continue to improve, citing rising cases across the country.

“This winter will be grim,” JPMorgan economists wrote, “and we think the economy will contract again.”

FORT WASHINGTON, MARYLAND: Pastor Jerome Allen Bell leads a prayer for a pre-Thanksgiving food delivery on Friday morning

FORT WASHINGTON, MARYLAND: Volunteers from across the community came forward to prepare supplies for the needy

FORT WASHINGTON, MARYLAND: Thanksgiving food, including cans of green beans, was distributed

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Locals financially affected by the coronavirus pandemic wait in line to bring home a Thanksgiving food parcel at a distribution event hosted by the LA Mission

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Volunteers help distribute some 1,500 Thanksgiving meals, including an assortment of dinner fixes at a drive-thru food bank in Dodger Stadium

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: More than 1,000 cars drove across the Dodger Stadium parking lot on Friday to pick up food


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