Letter with free parking lessons in Bondi divides social media users

Is this the most passive aggressive tone ever? Letter with ‘free parking lessons’ left on a Bondi car divides opinion – so who do you think is right?

  • A car in Bondi stood in the middle of two driveways that took two places
  • Damien Hammond wrote an ironic note with parking lessons
  • He stuck the note on the car and shared the footage with Bondi Local Loop
  • Social media users closed his note and explained that he was not aware of the situation

A frustrated driver has left a passive aggressive note on the windshield of a car occupying two parking spaces.

Damien Hammond saw the car parked in the middle of two driveways in Bondi, east Sydney, which he claims could easily fit two vehicles.

Despite a huge demand for spots in the suburbs of the beach, the driver had occupied both parking lots, leaving Mr. Hammond a sarcastic note.

‘Free parking lesson. Call 1800 Car Lesson, ”the note said.

It also featured ironic hashtags ‘learn how to ride like a champion’, ‘this is a really really bad attempt’ and ‘get some much needed skills’.

Damien Hammond wrote a note offering free parking lessons to the driver who parked his car in the middle of two places (photo)

Damien Hammond wrote a note offering free parking lessons to the driver who parked his car in the middle of two places (photo)

He shared images on social media showing the parked car taking up two places in Bondi (photo)

He shared the images on the Bondi Local Loop Facebook page, offering his free services to tell people not to park ‘like a pelican.


Is it okay to park like this?

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But his post divided opinion, with some locals criticizing him for writing the note.

“Maybe there was a motorcycle behind it when they parked. As for Bondi’s parking, this is actually pretty good, ‘one person explained.

“People never think critically and always make assumptions,” wrote another.

“How do you know there were no cars on either side,” someone else asked.

‘How do you know what the parking situation was when they parked? Isn’t it a bit precious? another wrote.

Social media users called Mr Hammond to write the note, with some suggesting that a motorcycle may have been parked in front of or behind the car

Others agreed with Mr Hammond, saying it irritated them when people took two parking spaces.

“I think it’s a shame when people do this on my street too,” someone remarked.

“Hate people who park like this, they’re everywhere,” wrote another.

“I feel this on a spiritual level,” one agreed.



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