Kumail Nanjiani says he feels ‘hopeless and helpless’ as US COVID-19 cases soar

Kumail Nanjiani shared an unvarnished update on his mental health on Sunday as he raged about the United States’ failed response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The 42-year-old actor and comedian admitted on Twitter that he felt “ hopeless and helpless ” in his eighth month of quarantine as COVID-19 cases continued to soar across the US.

The Big Sick star is more vigilant than many others as his wife Emily V. Gordon is considered at high risk if she catches the coronavirus.

Down in the dump: Kumail Nanjiani, 42, said he felt “hopeless and helpless” and “abandoned” by his country on Twitter on Sunday as COVID-19 cases climbed in the US; shown in April 2019

Kumail wrote that he was “ a very optimistic person overall, ” and said he was doing his best to stay positive since the star of the pandemic.

‘But today is difficult. We are heading for a massive Covid peak and the people who should be protecting us are doing nothing and blaming us for worrying, ” he wrote.

“We have been in quarantine for 8 months because my wife is in a high-risk group,” he continued, adding that they felt “abandoned by our country.”

‘But it’s not about us. We are the lucky ones. More than 226,000 people died. So many families have been destroyed. People have lost their homes, their jobs. ‘

The Eternals star claimed much of the death and destruction was ‘preventable’ and marveled at how well other countries have kept the virus under control.

Sticking Home: Kumail wrote that he and his wife Emily V. Gordon had been quarantined for ‘8 months’ in a lengthy Twitter thread, which was in response to the US’s failed COVID-19 response

To be avoided: He blamed both President Donald Trump and anti-mask advocates for making the pandemic much worse in the US than in most other developed countries

‘Are they dealing with the same disease as us? I think that’s the difference. They are working on it. Were not. We politicized every attempt at repression, ”he continued.

‘Wearing masks is a sign of weakness. Protecting your friends, family, and neighbors is a sign of weakness. Getting heartbroken every day from rising cases is a sign of weakness. Worrying that the following text will contain unthinkable news is a sign of weakness.

‘We could have done so much more to prevent all these losses. But it is not his fault. It’s China’s fault, ” he said, referring to President Donald Trump and his repeated claims that China was to blame for the spread of the coronavirus.

‘I have the feeling that I work at Fealy [sic] hard to keep all these doors closed in my head, to try to keep all these scary / sad / devastating thoughts out of my mind, ‘he wrote, although his strategy had temporarily failed.

“I don’t think I have anything constructive to say,” he wrote in a defeated tone. Just be careful out there. I’m afraid we have some bad months ahead of us. And I feel hopeless and helpless today. ‘

Kumail ended his Twitter thread by encouraging his followers to list worthwhile charities to which he and his wife could donate.

Risky: Kumail and Emily had to remain vigilant as she was considered high risk due to her previous diagnosis of Still’s disease; shown in 2017

Real life: He and Emily wrote the 2017 film The Big Sick, about her battle with the disease and her time in a coma during the early days of their relationship; depicted with Zoe Kazan, who played Emily

The stand-up comic married Emily in 2007 and their dramatic courtship became the basis of their acclaimed 2017 drama, The Big Sick.

The couple co-wrote the film about the early days of their relationship, when Emily fell seriously ill with what was later diagnosed as Still’s disease, a rare auto-inflammatory disease.

In the movie, her character (played by Zoe Kazan) is placed in a medically induced coma as doctors struggle to treat and diagnose her.

Only when Kumail recalls a detail about a previous minor injury can they figure out what’s wrong with her and find an effective treatment.

The film was also a commercial success, grossing $ 56.4 million against a budget of $ 5 million Box Office Mojo.

Emily is immunocompromised due to her illness, so she and her husband have been especially vigilant about staying indoors as much as possible, keeping a social distance, and wearing masks when they are around others.

Take to the Bank: The film was also a commercial success, grossing $ 56.4 million against a budget of $ 5 million, according to Box Office Mojo; shown in 2015


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