How Being a Construction Worker is Great for Your Mental Wellbeing

Your mental wellbeing is very important, it
is what keeps us feeling happy and healthy and able to enjoy life fully. Some
professions can be detrimental for our wellbeing, for example a highly
stressful job that keeps you up all night or a job where you have to sit inside
all day with no sunlight. The great thing about construction
work, however, is that there are so many different health benefits.

You Can Work Outside

With many labourer jobs you work full time
outdoors. Although you may be working in the rain some days, the constant fresh
air and sunshine is very good for your mental health. You will get lots of
vitamin D from the sun and this will make you happier. Sometimes working in the
office all day can get stuffy and you have little time to venture outdoors.
With some construction jobs you may have a combination of outdoor and indoor
working. For example, if you are a structural
engineer, you may have to spent many hours creating drawings and designing
elements for a building but you will also likely be visiting the space to get a
feel of how the project will come together.

It Keeps You Fit

Being a construction worker is also great
for your mental wellbeing because you are very active. You are always moving
and becoming stronger with heavy lifting and this can be great for your health.
It is well known that physical activity releases endorphins and this boosts our
mood. That is why you may feel a bit happier if you go on a walk after being
stuck inside all day.

There Are Career Progression

Career progression is another great benefit
for your mental wellbeing. This is due to the sense of reward you get and the
variety of work that you will have. Being in a mundane job with the same tasks
day in day out can leave us feeling low. There are so many courses that you can
take including an NVQ
which would allow you to become a construction site manager. Many construction
professions like to progress to managerial roles once they have been a labourer
for many years. The salary is much more rewarding, and you will have different
job responsibilities which will allow you to begin a new journey within your

In addition to obtaining more
qualifications to develop your career and boost your wellbeing there is also
the Construction Site Certification Scheme (CSCS) which allows you
to demonstrate your abilities with a coloured card.

Great Salaries

Although money is not everything, higher
rewards can boost our mental wellbeing. Construction workers get paid around £42,000
on average in the UK. This will depend on your role and your level of
experience. The majority of individuals who work in the industry will remain in
it for their entire lives due to the vast amount of benefits and the chance to
become managers and high up roles alike.

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