Fired-up Scott Morrison Gives Exciting Speech Thanking Victorians

An excited Scott Morrison thanked Victorians for suppressing the coronavirus in a passionate speech in parliament on Tuesday – saying Australia’s handling of the pandemic was the best in the world.

After Victoria recorded zero cases of Covid-19 for two days in a row, the Prime Minister said he wanted Aussies to get together with their families for Christmas and look forward to 2021.

“This Christmas, I want Australians to come around that table and talk about 2021 with positivity, hope and ambition,” he said.

Mr. Morrison takes off his mask when he enters parliament

A Happy Prime Minister: Scott Morrison (pictured Tuesday) thanked Victorians for suppressing coronavirus in impassioned speech in parliament on Tuesday

‘I look forward to what they are going to do, the schools that the kids are going to, the training they are going to do, the jobs they are going to have … because in this country we have one of, if not the best record of managing the health and economic impact of this pandemic of every country in the world. God bless Australia. ‘

Mr. Morrison thanked Victoria’s critical employees for risking their lives to fight the virus and keep vital services running during the second state wave, which killed nearly 800 people.

‘I thank all those who have worked, be it aged care, childcare, distribution centers, schools, hospitals, wherever they have been, they have been champions of this country in a time of crisis and I thank them for every sacrifice, ‘ he said.

The prime minister said the cost of Victoria’s 15-week lockdown was high, with 1,200 jobs lost per day.

‘It has been a heavy blow. There are so many Victorians who will bear the scars from this lockdown for years to come, ‘he said.

Chefs prepare meals for testing during a staff orientation day as Tiamo Bistro prepares for its opening in Melbourne on Oct. 27

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, who is from Melbourne, also thanked Victorians for the lengthy lockdown, but said Prime Minister Daniel Andrews deserved no credit.

“It is their victory and no one else’s,” he said.

An enraged Mr. Frydenberg criticized the state government for failing to contain the virus that escaped from two quarantine hotels staffed by private guards in May and June.

‘My children are like everyone else’s children from Victoria here. Lost six months of schooling. Six months they will never come back.

The Northern Territory children lost a week at school. South Australia’s children only lost school for two weeks, ‘he said.

Of the more than 800 Victorians who lost their lives, their families will never get them back. And it all comes back to the hotel quarantine failures that we still don’t have the answers to. ‘

Melbourne residents (pictured) are now allowed to congregate outdoors in groups of up to 10 people

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