Can we suffice without living surrounded by the borders?

There are varying opinions regarding whether we can suffice
without living surrounded by borders?

Many people oppose this idea saying that borders protect the
resources and ensure the safety of the country’s citizens. But, a majority of
the people go against this notion as they believe these borders have caused
more harm than good and turned the people against each other.

The point is, the idea of a world without borders is not
impossible or out of our reach. There are many countries in the world with open
borders. Take the example of the countries of the European Economic Area. These
countries have open borders under the Schengen agreement concluded between
them. Look how prosperous they are. This is because there is no better way to
make the world wealthier than migration.

Four different studies have shown that,
depending on the level of the movement in the global labor market, the
estimated growth in the ‘gross worldwide product’ would be in the range of 67
percent to 147 percent.

‘These are the terrorist and the criminals, that’s why we won’t
let them cross the border,’ this is another excuse we often get to hear from
the countries to favor their strict border regulations. But, the statistics
don’t support this claim. 

Accordion to the statistics, people making a new life in the US
commit fewer crimes than the natives. Moreover, new research from the
University of Warwick reports that migration flow between the 145 countries
between 1970 to 2000 had contracted the terrorist activities.

In light of the aforementioned facts, it is clear that the
border restrictions and the consequent disputes are a conspiracy fabricated by
the politicians to divert the attention from their activities.

But, it’s high time we have exposed this hypocrisy. It is time to support #NoBordersNoPolitics.

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