Benfica coach SLAMS ‘thankless’ Bernardo Silva for urging former club to elect new president

Benfica head coach Jorge Jesus has launched a sharp attack on Bernardo Silva after the Manchester City winger urged the club to elect a new president.

This week, Silva posted a lengthy statement to his Twitter account calling for a change at his youth club, saying that while respecting current chef Luis Filipe Vieira – who has been in charge since 2003 – the Portuguese outfit should show more ambition and also should be complacent of late.

But his words provoked a furious response from Jesus, who gave Silva his debut in the 2013-2014 season. He lashed out at the Portugal international for being ‘ungrateful’ to ‘the president who helped him grow’.

Man City star Bernardo Silva has been slapped after summoning a new president at Benfica

Man City star Bernardo Silva has been slapped after summoning a new president at Benfica

Benfica boss Jorge Jesus said he was ‘ungrateful’ to club president Luis Filipe Vieira

‘For years I never wanted to talk about Bernardo Silva because he messed with me for years too. I think it’s good, ‘he told the media, Goal reports.

Now with the club president who helped him grow, who still provides great conditions for young people to move to better clubs, as he does. It’s very ungrateful.

“There are many flaws a man can have, but the worst is to be ungrateful. You may have a different idea, but you cannot be ungrateful.

Silva joined the club in 2002 as a youngster, but played only three games for the seniors before joining Monaco in 2014, where he began to make a name for himself. Jesus revealed personal problems between the two after he started demanding more playing time.

Jesus said that Vieira (L) had ‘helped him grow’ as a player when he made his debut for Benfica

‘I was the one who added Bernardo Silva to the team. We went on tour for several matches and when we got to Portugal he asked me, “Sir, what are your ideas about me? I want to know if I will play”.

“I said,” When you play, what do you mean? Explain to me … Nico [Gaitan] comes out and you play? Will Salvio come out and play? What do you want me to do?”

Silva said, “I have a contract to leave, I’m going to earn 20 times more, and I have to help my family. I need the coach to release me”.

“Then talk to the president, it’s not me,” I replied. If he listens to me let him say this is the truth, it wasn’t because I put him on the left.

Silva only played three games for Benfica and Jesus claimed he ‘messed with me for years’

“After all these years, I’m telling you because he was ungrateful to Benfica’s president. I didn’t know how to make up for what Benfica and what the president did for him. ‘

Silva has built a successful career since leaving Benfica, playing 147 times for Monaco and sparking interest with Manchester City after his pivotal role in helping to reach the 2017 Champions League semi-finals.

He has played over 150 appearances for the Sky Blues since his £ 43.5 million move to Etihad, helping the club win two Premier League crowns, three Carabao Cup trophies and one FA Cup.

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